board of trustees

Hal Rubenstein & David Nickle

Hal Rubenstein and David Nickle have been residents of the Fire Island Pines community for more than ten years. Hal is the fashion editor of InStyle Magazine. He is also a frequent contributor to various style television shows and a highly respected food critic in New York City. David is a VP in AECOM's civil engineering deparment.

Hal and David are responsible for organizing many exciting Fund in the Sun events, including exclusive shopping events at JCrew and Polo Ralph Lauren and a glorious intimate concert in the Pines with Bernadette Peters. Hal is the producer of the yearly Ascension Journal, in which he brings together noteworthy editorial content with an impressive group of advertisers.

Hal and David also created a new event in 2009 called Shopping on Sunday, where donated luxury fashions were sold to raise funds for charity. Their continued work with Fund in the Sun events allows for considerable donations to be made each year to a select group of charities.

Eric von Kuersteiner
Founder / Director / President

Eric von Kuersteiner have been a resident of Fire Island Pines for more than ten years. Eric, a successful real estate developer, came upon the opportunity to purchase most of the commercial district in the Pines in 2003. He is responsible for reinventing the travel and tourism efforts of the community and rebuilding and renovating the harbor businesses.

Eric developed Fund in the Sun as a way to give back to the Pines and charities that are of interest to the community. He took on Bay Dance, with the help of the LGBT Center of New York and created a brand, new event called Ascension, which benefits the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, of which Eric is a board member.

Ascension and Bay Dance raise considerable funds for the charities and have gained global attendance and recognition. Although the Pines properties have passed to new hands, Eric will continue their work with Fund in the Sun to ensure that the most anticipated event of summer remain enjoyable for the community and financially successful for the charities.

Sean Patrick Ryan
Vice President

Sean Patrick Ryan acted as General Manager for Pines Commercial Properties from 2004 through 2009 for Eric von Kuersteiner.  In 2006, he helped Eric create and launch the very first Ascension Beach Party Weekend. Sean has worked with the Fund in the Sun ever since and has been an integral part of the charity fundraising effort.

Sean was named Vice President of Fund in the Sun in 2010, and continues to produce Ascension each summer.  Sean opened a retail clothing store named TAGG in 2010 which has become a valued sponsor of Ascension and Fund in the Sun.